cheese cake

Kaesekuchen-1 the first one

Kaesekuchen-2the second one

Compare with the first one, the second one is definitely better. But I’m still not satisfied with the result. I think, I will try it again.

I thought, I have lost interest in baking. But I was wrong. I just need more time to take a long rest.  And  a  good recipe. ^^

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application for the residence permit

Today I had an appointment with Aliens Department. At first, I thought we were late for this appointment, but we were there on time. I have applied for the residence permit. The administrator was maybe not so friendly. Because he didn’t even say “Hi” to us. But he didn’t ask more documents. So never mind. The most important thing is… he said that I will receive the residence permit for 3 years. Yeah~~~ what a beautiful day! ^^

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I am in a bad mood recently. I try to remember two things in life–
don´t take any decisions when I am angry.
don´t make any promises when I am happy!

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the second job

My first job in Germany is House-Keeper. I have worked for 3 months. Then I took a long break. Because of this job there was a problem with my hands. I needed time to make them better.

At the beginning of September I started to work as kitchen help in a sushi restaurant. This is my second job in Germany. All of colleagues are nice to me. It has  fun to work with them. The only shortcoming of this occupation is that I have to work sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening. Even then I hope this time I can keep the job at lease for one year.

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Working Holiday Program

I think I should write something on this blog , which I almost forget.  ;p

Since April I have been in Germany. This time I have a definite intention. I wanna live with my bf and work here. During the period of visa validity I am allowed to work for up to three months at the some place of employment. But I have no idea what I can work for, honestly. In Germany I am a foreigner and I have no German degrees to prove what I have learned and studied. It is also  not easy to have an interview. But I still try …… try my best to find a part-time job here. Finally, I got 2 interviews. One is tomorrow and the other is on Thursday. 

It will be great to have a job before we move to the new apartment.   Wish me luck!

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new pictures

Some pictures in Dresden.

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the azure seascape in Penghu

It’s really a good place to take a rest!

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