wish concert


Last Saturday I went to the theater with Danny and his family. There was a concert by Gerhard Schöne* in Chemnitz. Before we arrived there, I still didn’t know why we went to the theater.
There were about 200 audience. Everyone could get a songlist and crossed out three songs what you wanted to listen to.  And then made the paper airplane. He choosed some paper airplanes to sing some songs.

One song (In der Dudeldödelstraße) was impressive. Because everyone laughed. I cound only understand a few. After that, when I read the  lyrics, I laughed too. All the people in the song were reverse. For instance, the baby cooked the sweet mush for the mother and the mother sucked the pacifier…hahaha…

I still remembered the melody even I slept… incredible


*Gerhard Schöne is a famous german songwriter.

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One Response to wish concert

  1. YunYa says:

    詳情請看: http://reminisce0409.spaces.live.com/default.aspx
    要回阿~ 謝謝囉~ XD

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