On Friday afternoon, Danny, Richi and I went to the big park to play Frisbee. When my sister knew this thing, she asked "Who will be the dog?"
I said" Of course Danny will be the dog."
In Taiwan it’s not so often that the adults play frisbee. Mostly the children or the adult and the dog play it.

Many people go to the park and bring a cloth. And then they spread the cloth on the grass and bask in the sun, read the books, chat with friends… make love????!!!!

When we played frisbee happily, I saw a couple making love in the sun. It was so incredible! I know some people are naturists. But making love in front of everyone isn’t too over?

I asked Danny "Is making love in the sun not too hot? The small train of the park just drove past them several times. Is it so normal in the big park?"
He answered"This time is my first time to see such things. I saw one man stood in front of them to watch it. They should find a place that there are not so many people."
But I think, they didn’t care about it.

When I told my sister this "attraction", she said "Why didn’t you take a picture?" Oh come on, I am not a paparazzo. I am so short that I can not catch a good view. Ok, if I really do it, the picture will look like a flesh-colored spider. Hahaha…

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2 Responses to Attraction

  1. Chiorong says:

    Das ist aber peinlich…= . ="

  2. Una says:

    Vielleicht ist es ihnen egal oder sie mögen die anderen dabei. ^_*

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