I still don’t know if it is a good idea to tell my boss what I think, when  we were in the meeting. Whatever, I said it. Nobody has courage to do that, only me. If I didn’t say it, I won’t have any chance to get more days of annual leave. As my best friend said, most of them are cowards. They are afraid to lose their work. They always whisper behind the boss and keep their mouthes shut before the boss. No guts!

Anyway, only I should do is that try my best to do my job well.

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What a busy day

Yesterday was an incredible busy day! I had no time to take a rest all day.  Drank some water or tee? Hm … yep, a little bit. In the morning I did what I have to do as usual. In the afternoon I helped my coworker to scale 23 cartons. Each carton is at least 13 kg. After that I dealt with 4 orders. Then, it was time to go home. Took a shower and told my bf “I know it’s pretty early and unusual. But I am exhausted. I wanna go to bed.”

In fact, I don’t have to work today. But I still have something to do, so I have done 5 hours overtime.

Finally, I am home. ^^ I am looking forward to meeting my best friend today.

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German class

Since last month I have teached a German pronunciation class. To teach adults is not so easy as I thought, but I enjoy it. At least, they have motives.
At first the students and I didn’t really know each other and even misunderstood me. Some of them thought that I had no idea what I should teach. Because I asked them what they wanted to learn. In fact, I just hope they can learn what they are interested in. They spend time and money to learn another language. It should be worth.
Sometimes I tell the students that I asked my boyfriend before I taught. But I really shouldn’t mention it. Because some students felt that I lacked confidence to teach this language. I have to admit that I was feeling a little bit down when the receptionist relayed this thing to me. 
Cheer up! It is easy to be wise after the event.  I may be not a perfekt teacher, but I am a hard-working teacher. Go, go, go!
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travel in Taiwan

In 5 Weeks we did travel almost the whole Taiwan, from Jiufen, Hualian, Jiaosi, Houli, Kaoshiung, Liuqiu, Kenting, Sanyi to Taichung City.
Honey, I was so happy that you flew to Taiwan and traveled with me. Now I am still a little bit sad when I think of you. I miss you so much…
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worth or not

One day, my boss asked me some questions about my short-term study in Germany.
I knew that she cared about me, but … how gossipy!
Boss asked, "Was the short-term study worth?  Just learned the language? You didn’t get any degree, did you?"
I answered, "That’s right! I didn’t get any degree. But at least I am not afraid anymore to talk with foreigners.
Except that, my German is improved."
Boss asked, "Did you pay all by yourself? Fly to Germany alone?"
I said, "Of course I paid all by myself. I planned all things and did them alone."
In my opinion, doing is better than regretting.
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Look For A Star

Maybe this is just an old story for many people. But I have to say that this movie touched my heart. One day, what will you do when you fall in love with a rich man or an iron lady? Do you have courage to tell her that you love her, even you are just a worker? Would you marry the rich guy? Would you like to sign a prenup which you never thought about, especially before you marry him? Maybe you feel that he does not respect and trust you. Then just try to understand why you should sign such contract. If you really love "him", not his money, you will do everything for him.


Money does not always bring happiness. Courage is the most important part of love. Just be brave to tell someone whom you like or love. Maybe you will get rejected, but don’t be sad. At least, s/he knows what you think.

There are lots of stars in the sky. You will find the one who belongs to you. 

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I have already seen many german movies. This is one of the best. Just see it, if you have time.

Someone said that the director Hayao Miyazaki have already read the book "Krabat" before he shot these two movies "Howl’s moving castle" and "Spirited away". That’s why several scenes of this movie were similar to the following movies.  Anyway, all of them are great.

Howl’s Moving Castle


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