Yesterday was my birthday. At 12 o’clock rang my cell phone. It was Danny. I just picked up and heard the birthday song in Chinese?! This was the first surprise. 
When I was in the classroom, ran the Turkish girl to me and asked me if yesterday my birthday was. Then gave me this cute lollipop and said"Happy Birthday!" I think that I won’t eat it. After that, the teacher and the other classmates came to me and said Happy Birthday! This was the second surprise.
After class, Danny bought these delicious cakes and brought them to my room. Hm… yummy
When I opened the door, I saw so…. many presents. The color maked me happy. This was the third surprise.
I opened all of presents. Two T-shirts,  game, CD, tea, chocolates, book, two concert ticket… and birthday cards of course.
Those cards were from Danny’s family, grandfather, aunt. I also got the SMS from Hazel and the e-mail from Richi.
Everybody, thanks a lot.
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2 Responses to Birthday

  1. B.S says:

    Ya~~Happy Birthday,, is too late?
    you\’re a lucky girl.. full of happiness, so great,, 🙂

  2. Una says:

    No, it isn\’t too late.Thank you so much.^^

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