Look For A Star

Maybe this is just an old story for many people. But I have to say that this movie touched my heart. One day, what will you do when you fall in love with a rich man or an iron lady? Do you have courage to tell her that you love her, even you are just a worker? Would you marry the rich guy? Would you like to sign a prenup which you never thought about, especially before you marry him? Maybe you feel that he does not respect and trust you. Then just try to understand why you should sign such contract. If you really love "him", not his money, you will do everything for him.


Money does not always bring happiness. Courage is the most important part of love. Just be brave to tell someone whom you like or love. Maybe you will get rejected, but don’t be sad. At least, s/he knows what you think.

There are lots of stars in the sky. You will find the one who belongs to you. 

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