learning German

If you want to learn or practice German, I suggest that you could read the following websites except these websites "Deutsche Welle, tagesschau, Stern, Spiegel".
Taiwan fuer Anfaenger
It is about Taiwan’s culture in German. Listen it and you will know how to explain it to your friends. Of course, in German.
Guter Umgang – Deutsch lernen mit Umgangssprache
German colloquialism. Each Part takes about 2 minutes.
Zzzebra (Das Web-Magazin fuer Kinder)
This is for the beginners. Or sometimes you just want to read simple articles, then this is also for you.
Wieso nicht? (Why not?)
Each Part takes 7-10 minutes. The content is quite simple. If you don’t understand all of the content, don’t be afraid. There are text files.
Marktplatz – Business German
If you think that "Wieso nicht?" is too easy, then just listen to "Marktplatz". After listening, don’t forget to do the practices.
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