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Philipp Lahm (left) ended Turkey’s hopes with his last-minute strike to beat Rustu Recber and send Germany to the final.
Wenn Euro 2008 begins, the teacher asked everyone to write down on a paper and guess who will win the European Championship. Because I bought the Fan Bahncard 25 and I had no idea about the other teams, so I wrote "Germany". The card is valid until the end of June. But if the German team win a game, the card will be more one month valid.
At first, I didn’t watch it and didn’t care about it. And then I watch almost every games if Danny watches them. But I have to say that sometimes the game was so boring. That was why I fell asleep.
The game went often into overtime. Only Germany finished the game during the normal time(in 90 minutes).
Tonight is the crux if the German team will play in the final. It is also the crux for me, if my Bahncard will be until October valid.
I think, lots of people watch the game right now, just like me. Because I hear the hurray from outside…
Finally, they win the game~~~ They didn’t get into overtime. I just knew it that they could do it.  Hurray!!!~~~
Germany will play the winner of Thursday’s second semifinal match between Spain and Russia in Vienna on Sunday.
Germany, go go go !!!
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