endless Birthdays


Last week we celebrated Rico’s birthday. Rico is Danny’s father. And then Sylli’s and Thomas’ birthdays are coming. We celebrate birthday every month. It seems like “The ghost hits the wall.” That means that something goes on ad infinitum. According to the folktale, it describes that someone loses his way at midnight on the outskirts or graveyard. He walks alone and wants to find the right way, but after a long time he goes back to the same place. This situation goes on until morning or for several days.

The birthday in Germany is an important day. People write the birthday cards and buy some flowers and presents. Give them to an elderly person whose birthday is being celebrated. They have a dinner and talk to each other. Besides, people can celebrate it later than the birthday. But, in Taiwan we would rather celebrate it earlier.


About the cards, I have a kind of feeling that I have to write the cards always. I sent a card to Rico. It was not so hard to write something. The card for Sylli (Danny’s aunt), Danny said that my script was more beautiful than his script. That meant that I had to write it. Yesterday he bought the birthday card for Thomas (his uncle) and said that I had to finish it by myself. I just knew it!! But what should I write? I had no idea. So, I just wrote some words in Chinese and translated them into German again.

Altogether, Danny is a lazy worm. ;p He had no idea what he should write in the card. So my hand had to instead of his. Tz tz tz….


Sylli is a cute and lively woman. She wanted to know something more about me. She said if she could ask me some questions. And then she asked whether she is too curious or not. Of course not! Because people in Taiwan ask more detail personal questions, especially the old people.


No matter where I am, people have the same way to celebrate the birthday…… eating and talking. Well, I have to say “It’s great!”

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