What marvelous 48 kilometers!

On Monday we rode 48 kilometers from Dresden to Pirna. It took several hours.
The sun shone bright and warm. Danny’s friend lent his sun block to us. I applied it to my arms while we were riding the bikes. So dangerous! But we did it!
It was too late. Because my arms and neck had a dark tan.
I should wear a thin jacket to protect the color of my skin.
Lots of eyes look at you…
They were so naughty. How dared they do the pose YEAH behind me?
So I decided to show the picture and let everyone know them.
Although I was tired, I felt so happy. I accomplished the purpose desired!
A friend suggestedd me that next time I should ride to Rathen. It is more beautiful than Pirna.

If I have time, I want to try it…

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