Last Thursday in Germany was a free day. All of us have no classes. Danny proposed that we could have a barbecue on that day. We did it. On Thursday it was sunny. What a beautiful day! Richi bought pig steaks, sausages, breads and made some salad. Maybe the variety was not so much, but it was enough for everyone. Richi was the cooker. He didn’t use charcoal to be a fuel for the barbecue. The food tasted great, but if next time I can prepare the meat, it will be better. Richi’s friends baked some muffins.

After dinner, we played a game. It called "Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck"* Who was the winner? Haha…. I am the winner. I just had good luck.

We went home too late and I was bad in mood. Because next day I had to get up early. But except this, everything was so fine.



I never thought that the price in Taiwan is double.

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