Sweeney Todd


Lots of people said that “Sweeney Todd” was bloody. After I saw this movie, I said to Danny that the movie wasn’t so bloody. He felt unbelievable why I said that. I explained that maybe I watched too much CSI, and the color of blood was too bright. So I didn’t think it was a bloody movie.


But cutting-throat was impressive. The bloods sounded like someone opens the tap and lets the water keep to flow. Could you imagine it? When you open the tap, you see the bloods not water from the tap…


The songs in the movie were great. I have never thought that Johnny Depp’s voice is so special. He is gorgeous. In the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean” he putted on too much make-up. So every time when I see his face without make-up, I need more time to recognize him.


The judge of the movie “Sweeney Todd” was Alan Rickman. What a surprise! When I saw him in the movie, I just felt that he must be a famous star, but I forgot who he is. After that, Danny reminded me that he was professor Severus Snape in the movies “Harry Potter”. Yes, it was him ^^


Altogether, if you aren’t afraid of such bloody movies and love to see musical films, don’t miss this movie.


official Sweeney Todd Trailer




Johnny Depp Singing in Sweeney Todd




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