The new language course

My new course started on Wednesday. This class is totally different. None of them comes from my last class. It’s Ok. Then I can know more people. There are seven people in this class. Let me introduce my new classmates to everyone.


Vietnamese girl: I have seen her once in the public authority responsible for aliens. When we saw each other in the classroom, she said “I have seen you once in the public authority responsible for aliens.” Yes, I know. Now she is my classmate. What a coincidence! She said that she wanted to study the business administration. So, she has to arrive at the best level DSH 3. That’s not so easy. But I trust that she can do it.


Vietnamese woman: She learned German at the adult education center before she comes here. I think that she should learn more basic grammar. I believe this is a right decision to stay here and continue learning German.


Belorussian boy: He was the first one who I talked to. Because he sits by me. But I have to say that his German is not so good. I correct his grammar sometimes. He wants to study the mechanical engineering. I just want to say one sentence to him: Good luck!


Syrian man: He is 33 years old and also a doctor. He prepares to study for his doctor’s degree. He just has to finish this course to prove his language ability. When today we talked to each other, he said that he has two daughters, but in several months he will get a new baby  and his wife will come here next year. He is nice.


Bulgarian boy: He is 20 years old. He wants to study the medical science. Its his dream.


Turkish girl: She is 19 years old. I think that she is the youngest one. She likes math and wants to study the informatics. But she is not sure if she can pass the language exam.


All of them are friendly.

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